Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY Paper Fan Party Backdrop

So in like me fashion, I was still pulling up my polka dot tights when guests were arriving for the Black and White party at my house and I didn't get any pictures of the party decor or food spread.

But of course I got photobooth pictures because, well, isn't that what photobooths are for?!

That's why I think photobooths are so great - they're the perfect place for people to make sure they get their picture taken.

And the key to a great photobooth is a great backdrop.
So my cohost, Kerry, and I decided to do a black and white paper fan backdrop.
a) Because it makes a statement & b) Because it's cheap and easy.

Start with a piece of paper and accordion fold it.

Then fold that piece of paper in half.

Staple or hot glue the open ends together.
(I started with stapling and ended up hot gluing most of them.)

Repeat with a second sheet of paper and then attach the two.

Repeat this process a bunch of times in the color scheme of your choice.

Then layer the fans around and on top of each other.
(Lucky me, I was adding these to a brick wall so I just hot glued them on and then peeled them off when I was done.)
Take a test picture to be sure it fills out the frame.

Add lights. 

Plus a banner if you chose.

Bring in a few photo-taking props.

And then let people take pictures! 

Done and done.

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