Monday, January 28, 2013

pallet accent wall

My sweet husband totally gives me the run of the house decor-wise.
He's so easy going and even encouraging when it comes to things I want to change around the house.
So when he asked to put up a dart board, I didn't really have a lot of ground to stand on to say no.
Even though I wanted to. 

So we put it up and a few months later noticed the hundreds of little holes in the wall around the dart board. We've got some bad shots coming through this house, I guess. And then it didn't get used very much.

So when I suggested putting up cork board behind the dart board, Josh replied that he'd rather put up a pallet wall. Pallet wall - why didn't I think of that?

Here's the wall we started with.

At first we started just arranging the wood and attaching it right the wall but quickly realized that the pieces that weren't nailed into studs would come out pretty easily. 

So before we got to far, we decided to take it down and put up thin plywood
that would be nailed to the studs and then the wood would be attached to the plywood.
Much more secure.

And the plywood part is pretty easy if you're working with a wall without an outlet.
But measuring and jigsawing is required if an outlet is involved.

 But the end result is so worth it.

Darts, anyone?

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  1. Looks great! Where is this in your house? I'd love to see a wider shot.


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