Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the difference between mom & dad

Christmas was so much fun with our 5 month old Grady Boy.
He had fun helping us tear into packages and tried to eat most of the wrapping.
Josh and I went shopping for him together as one of our 12 dates of Christmas and bought him some presents. But we also decided that we would each get him something special and not tell the other person what it was.

"Presents for me? You shouldn't have!"

"I love it already and I don't even know what it is!"

Together, we got him some new toys to play with.

This was us opening my gift to him.
He's working on his surprise face already.

"I'm better with my teeth."

I got him the book "On the night you were born" and wrote a special letter to him inside. 
We read it together after he opened it. I cried.

And now, Grady opening his gift from Dad.

With wild ripping and yelling, he revealed Grady's first Red Sox's jersey.

"Wow, a baseball jersey, just for me."
They may or may not have done a chest bump.

And that's the difference between mom and dad.

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  1. This is totally gonna be me and my husband next Christmas. I'll give baby girl some personalized shadowbox of keepsakes or something and my husband will give her "My First Hotrod." Hah but isn't that what makes life fun? Your little Grady is precious


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