Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pinterest challenge project: diy belt

I am enamored with pinterest. It is such a great source of inspiration. I could spend all day long filling my boards with beautiful pictures and diy projects. But what good is that if I never actually complete any of the projects I pin? That is the logic behind 'the pinterest challenge'.
I got all my details here from young house love.

The challenge is basically to put your own spin on a pinterest-inspired project and complete it.

So, here was my pinspiration, if you will.
To make a ruffled belt like this one from 100layercake.

I've developed a love for belts recently and this one looked like something that could be quite versatile.
To get the general gist of making the belt, check out the instructions here.

For mine I wanted to make it a flower/ruffle combo. I had the perfect chiffon-type fabric that would work quite nicely. It was left over from this project.
For the flowers I did more of a layered look as I wanted them to lay more flat and I added a jewel to help define the flowers in the midst of the sea of ruffles.

But for the ruffles, I followed the basic instructions from 100layercake.
All it takes is a few stitches through your pinched fabric to create a beautiful ruffle effect.

And here's my finished product:

The back doesn't look that great, but no one's going to see it.
(so if you know me and see me wearing this, pretend you never saw this.)

In the original version, they leave the ribbon to be tied in the back. But I mainly intend to wear this belt with dresses and there's just something about ribbon tied belts on dresses that reminds me of being 12. And I try to look 26 these days. So, I pulled out my secret weapon for making my belt fit:

And then all that was left was to try it on.

This little glimpse of my new belt made me smile.
Challenge complete.

I think I need to pinterest challenge myself more often. But thanks for the kick in the pants, sherry.


  1. i saw the jealous they get to do it with Emily Henderson. I looove that girl!!

  2. how sweet!!!

    greetz from your new follower from germany

  3. Cute! Especially with that dress, who got you that? They must have great taste!! ;)

  4. thanks Isi!

    kerry, that person does have great taste! :)


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