Thursday, January 5, 2012

handmade gifts

So, I know it's after the fact, but I had to wait until all my gifts were distributed before I could share a couple of the handmade Christmas gifts I made this year. So, if you like these ideas, tuck them away for a birthday or for next Christmas!

Coffee Cup Cozy
I made this coffee cup cozy for my friend Katie, a stylish mom-on-the-go who loves coffee and recently got a new keurig. 

First, I cut the sleeve off an old sweater.

Since only one end was nicely finished and the end that I cut was apt to fray, I decided to sew a piece of my favorite vintage fabric onto the unfinished end to help it stay intact. I sewed a straight line down each side.

And then I slipped it onto a white plastic coffee cup. Perfectly personalized for my friend.

Vintage Dish Towel

While thrifting, I found a couple really fun vintage tablecloths for $1. Reason for the low price? They were stained/had holes.

Knowing they still had potential, I snatched them up anyways. So I decided to make several dish towels out of them. First off, I took a dish towel I already had to give me an outline for what size I wanted to make them.

I didn't take any pictures of the sewing process because it's simply ironing over your unfinished edge and then sewing a straight line.

Out of one table cloth, I made 5 dish towels.

I was even able to keep one for myself.

Stained tablecloths are not a lost cause.

Vintage Tin Candles

I know already shared this one, but it was part of the handmade gifts I made this year so I thought I'd include it in the group. Check out this post for the how-to.

Did you attempt any handmade gifts this year? Do tell.

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