Thursday, January 26, 2012

14 weeks

So, I'm actually 15 weeks. These are going to be a week behind. I gotta wait til the end of the week to be able to write accurately about what's happened.

And I want to share the sweet letter I mentioned that Rachel wrote letting the church know I'm pregnant - it's definitely one for the baby book. 

        THE TIME IS FULFILLED    Mark 1:15       

The time has come. With these first words, Jesus frames all that has been and all that will be.

There will be many firsts—many firsts for which I will not be, in the literal sense, present. But I will ponder in my heart what were to me first words from the lips of this child’s mother and undoubtedly, years from now, celebrate the grace that flows through beginning chapters.

What was an ordinary hour ended as anything but; one among us is expecting, we learned. It is upon these glad tidings, the Spirit dances.
Dear Baby Goodman,

We confess that our first thoughts had more to do with the likelihood of you being the best-looking child on the planet. We accounted for what will be your adorable wardrobe adorning a delightful inner sparkle and could see the herd of advertising scouts heading straight for the ‘burg.

But then we got to thinking about whom and whose you’ll be... and the marvel matured. We realized we wouldn’t have to tell you that Jesus loves you. You, precious child, will be surrounded by people in whom your Lord lives and moves.

You will bear the mark of your parents' discipleship. We just know it. The gracious ways of your mother...your father’s eagerness to enter the game in spite of injury upon injury...our world will be a brighter, bolder place.

You’ll never see the light in her eyes when the reign of God descended upon our library. So let me say this: When Shelby proclaimed with great joy the good news, hearts sung and spirits soared. We remembered that ours is indeed a God of holy moments. For us, as it was for those four by the sea near Capernaum, excitement won the day. And immediately—yes, immediately—we loved you.

                                                                                                                Always, Peakland UMC

My heart is full.

Wanting to see the previous weeks? Look here.

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