Friday, September 23, 2011

reader spotlight

I absolutely love to hear from the people who read my blog!
It totally makes my day.

I love it even more when people actually use ideas/make projects they've seen on my blog.
Check out the gorgeous belt that Megan made!

She was inspired by the diy flower belt post:

And here, Abbi, added some cute purple flair to her plain flats.

She was inspired by the anthro knock-offs post:

Have you completed a project that you saw on honeysuckle? Would you like to be featured in another reader spotlight? Please email me at:

Half the fun of writing a blog is the community and interaction with people.
So, if you comment regularly, thank you.
If you wrote me a supportive email, thank you.
If you sought me out on facebook and wrote me a sweet message, thank you.
If you saw me in person and gave me an encouraging word, thank you.

Thank you, dear readers.

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