Thursday, October 27, 2011

branding: mon tresór

You may not know this about me, but by day I am a graphic designer working for a local church and various freelance clients, and by night I am a crafter/DIY-er/blogger.

I haven't been taking on a ton of extra freelance graphic design projects because I feel like my plate is kinda full, but when my friend Steph asked me to help brand her business, mon tresór, I couldn't say no.
I love making logos and designing business cards. Plus, I love Steph's products - she makes the most beautiful baby blankets.

Steph is my ideal kind of client - she sent me some ideas she had for what she wanted and then she trusted me to do my thing. One idea that she mentioned was including some sort of 'french bee' in her logo since mon tresór is french for my treasure. I couldn't get away from this idea because I had seen Steph wearing this gorgeous bee necklace with her sons' initials attached.

 photo by the ever-fabulous A.M. Photography

So, I took that idea and ran with it. And I love the end result.

I knew I wanted to incorporate sewing into her business cards because that represents what her business is all about. So I thought it would be fun to put her information on tags that could be sewn onto kraft paper business cards.

These are easily customized with thread color and stitch pattern.

I was so excited to give her the final product.

Be sure to visit the mon tresór etsy shop and show some love.

For graphic design inquiries, please email me at

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