Thursday, October 20, 2011

a statement neckline

Along with the doilies, I was given some other assorted Goodman heirlooms. One of my favorite things was this pearled sweater collar.

Apparently, they used to keep the same sweater but just change out the collar using snaps.

Well, times have changed, my friends. And I had new plans for this collar.

First, I needed to separate the pearls from the lining. 

Snip, snip.

Now I had an un-lined collar.

Then I grabbed a favorite, good-fitting, crew neck t-shirt to apply my collar to - I chose white so it could be a go-with-anything combo.

I sewed along the crew neck collar.

A few minute later, I had a new statement neckline.
(Sorry I wasn't prepared for a full outfit shot - maybe later.)

Living in a world where everything is disposable just makes me more devoted to the idea of holding on to things and passing them on. Maybe one of my great granddaughters will wear this someday.

Wanna try for yourself? There are some fun vintage collars on etsy.

What are you hanging onto in hopes of passing it on?

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