Monday, October 17, 2011

reuse: old jars

I don't throw away glass jars. They're just too great for repurposing - easy storage, quick vase on the fly, and great for gifting.
But somehow giving someone something with a pickle jar cap just doesn't seem right.
So, here's how I remedy that:
- Glass jar
- Mod Podge
- Scrapbook paper
-Bowl/Circular object

First, trace a circular object that is bigger than your jar lid. I used a cereal bowl.

It doesn't have to be a ton bigger, but enough to fold over the sides of the lid. This ratio worked well for me.

Then, trace the outline of your lid on the un-patterned side of your paper.

Cut strips all the way around the circle but only to the outline of your lid.

Now for mod podge. If you used a bowl for tracing, go ahead and use it for spreading the mod podge.

Put mod podge all around the inside of your lid.

Then start folding your paper strips down over the side of your lid.

Then mod podge the whole thing to protect it and seal it.

Let it dry.

Once it's dry, put it back on your jar. 

Now, you have super cute jars ready to go for chic storage or easy gifting!

And if you really do use an old pickle jar like me, throw some baking soda in the jar and let it sit for a bit  to get rid of the pickle smell.

Tomorrow I'll show you how I put mine to use already!

Seriously, go eat that last pickle and save your jar!

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