Monday, May 30, 2011

$5 pillow covers

I've had the idea to make new pillow covers out of cute napkins tucked away for awhile awaiting just the right napkin. so when centsational girl said she got cute napkins at world market - that's where I headed. of course, I had to wait until we were headed to Richmond to get them cause we don't have a world market near by, but it was our first stop when we got there!

They had a bunch of really great napkins, but these struck my fancy the most and were also on sale for $2.50 each!

The reason the idea of making pillow covers out of napkins is so appealing, is because they are already a perfect square and if you are covering square pillows then the logistical work is done. All you need to do is sew three straight lines with the right sides facing each other - super easy!

Then, turn it inside out and insert your pillow. For the fourth side, you'll need to hand stitch it closed as seen in this post.

And you would never know these pillows were covered with napkins - they look great!

Now I think I need to find some bright blue napkins to match. :)


  1. I totally just looked at anthro for cute napkins last week when they were having a sale so i could do this. More proof that I need to live closer to you!!! I think TCU needs an AD. Texas is calling your name!!

  2. Im totally jelous that you can sew AND that you have a World Market near you! those pillows are adorable!!!

  3. Katie, I so wish we lived closer and could go shopping for napkins to make into pillow together! We sure do make a dynamic duo. :)

    Tana, don't be too jealous - it's over an hour away, but it's near where Josh's family lives so I get my fill every so often.

  4. i tried making a pillow out of some target napkins but it def didnt turn out like yours :(

  5. I just thought about using napkins for pillow the other day, they look great!


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