Monday, May 2, 2011

this or that

I am always in awe of the calorie math scenarios as seen in Glamour magazine:
decadent dessert
1/2 cup fudge-brownie ice cream 260 calories, 26 grams fat
OR ALL THIS (right)
A homemade brownie sundae: a 2-inch brownie, 1/2 cup light vanilla ice cream, 2 tsp. chocolate syrup, 1 tbsp. light whipped cream and a cherry261 calories, 15 grams fat

so, I decided to make my own awe-inspiring money math version:
Lunch at panera vs. yard sale finds

These are my weekend yard sale finds:
Fireplace tools (we found that maintaining a fire/cleaning up after is kinda hard without these): $2
Lighted cranberry garland (almost bought one of these after christmas for $7): $2
Hanging closet organizer (in a cute pattern, no less): $1
Cupcake stand (plan to spray paint white - no surprise there): $1
Large lot of Succulents (a bunch not pictured)*: $1
4 Dr. Suess books, You are Special by Max Lucado (great classics): $1
4 brand new letter sticker packages: $1
Taboo (game night, anyone?): $1
Ice cube tray**: $.25
Vintage table runner: $.10
Serving plate: $.10

*The planter these succulents are in wasn't included, I got it for $1 from a yard sale a few weeks ago. I got too anxious to pot them before taking a photo.
** You may be wondering, 'why the ice cube tray?' Well, that morning, I made myself some iced coffee to take along on our yard sale-ing and it got so watered down. Bleh. I bought myself this ice cube tray so that I can save my excess coffee and freeze it so that next time I will not water-down my favorite morning beverage!

I don't know about you, but I think I'll skip lunch! 


  1. It was a great Saturday, for sure!

  2. I need to know where these yard sales are! Or maybe I don't have the eye to spot such treasures.

  3. Thanks guys! Rachel, check out the garage sale section of craigslist - that's where I find all the sales!

  4. LOVE IT! fabulous finds!! I love how you think. I have no problem eating PBnJ every lunch to save the money for garage sales!

  5. Jen, you are my kind of girl! :)


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