Tuesday, May 17, 2011

from the vault: bathroom storage

This week I'm doing a little series I like to call "from the vault". You see, I started a little blog in 2009 to document some of my crafty ideas. Let's just say I was really lame at blogging and I really didn't keep up with it at all, but I did have some decent ideas. So, I'm rummaging through my old blog files in hopes of sharing some oldies but goodies with you!

From Feb. 20, 2009:
   my inspiration:

     my interpretation:
"i am happy to say i have completed another project. yay! i found the above picture in a magazine and thought that was such a cute idea and should be super simple to find some pretty white cake plates. well i was wrong about that. pretty white cake plates are obviously few and far between around here. especially a smaller one like in the picture. I found a couple bigger ones but I would have to be willing to shell out $30 to have it. boo.

SO, i decided to reinvent the concept. I found a matching dinner plate and salad plate at t.j. maxx (love that store!) for $2 and $1 respectively. And then I went to my faithful goodwill store and found a wooden candlestick holder for .50 that I spray painted a glossy white to match, used some epoxy glue for extra holding strength and voila! It serves the exact purposed I intended and I only paid a whopping $3.50 for it!"

May 17, 2011 update: Sadly, this bathroom storage is no more. It did not make it in the move. I was really sad when it broke. Happily, I just recently found two identical plates in different sizes at goodwill. Remake? 

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