Thursday, May 19, 2011

from the vault: welcomed interruption

From March 1, 2009: "ever since i started taking classes for my master's degree, i spend a lot of time up in our office/art room trying to get homework done and keep myself away from snacking in the kitchen or finding something to distract myself on tv. every so often josh will come in, without a word, and sit across the room and play some sweet melody on the guitar. he is my one welcomed interruption. today he came in, sporting his bed head and all, and played one of my favorite dave songs. can life get any better? i submit that it cannot."

May 19, 2011 notes:
- He still melts me with his guitar playing and that sweet smile.


  1. I absolutely love that you have held onto this and cherished it!!! I love making memories with you, even if they include Dave Matthews :) I'm honored to be featured on your blog.. again!

    your pursuer


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