Friday, May 20, 2011

from the vault: diy ruffled v-neck

From January 15, 2010: "Hello blog world! I've been away for awhile...but keeping busy nonetheless...I am now only 4 classes away from having my master's degree! woo hoo!

I have collected a lot of inspiration and to-do projects in my absence and will hopefully post as I start to cross off my never ending list.

anyways...for Christmas I got my first ever sewing machine! I am so excited about all the goodies I plan to make.

Here is my first sewing project (even though I didn't do it with a sewing machine). I was inspired by Say Yes to Hoboken's DIY Ruffle V-neck. When I saw her post, it reminded me that I recently bought something at the thrift store that would do just the trick.

Grand total: $3.50 for thrifted item with ruffle, $3.50 for gray v-neck from F21 = $7 for cute new shirt!

stay tuned for future sewing projects!!

p.s. special thanks to say yes to hoboken for the great inspiration. :)"

May 20, 2011 notes: 
- I recently ripped the ruffled off this shirt in hopes of transplanting it on a different shirt. If you've ever shopped at F21, you know what I'm talking about. I did get a few good wears out of it...but after a few washes it looked like it was meant for a 12-year-old.

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