Friday, July 15, 2011

the start of a future office

Let's be honest, Pottery Barn knows what's up when it comes to offices and organization.
So, when I think about the future of our office/craft space, this is where my mind goes. This project has a long timeline and I know that, because it is no where near the top of our priority list. But somehow, pottery barn-esque elements keep falling in my lap - so I've actually gotten a little start to this future project!

First, we have this sweet library chair. It was one of those serendipitous thrifting days where someone had just dropped this chair off and it was sitting outside, and I roll up, see the chair as the store owner is about to take it inside, ask him how much it is, to which he replies, "for you, $15". Score.
As you can see, it's similar to the one in the pb's office above.

It's definitely an older chair - but i love the look of the metal parts.

Pottery Barn can keep their $400 chair. I'm not afraid of a little WD-40.

Next up, is this dry-erase wall calendar. Found among the frames at goodwill with a $2 price tag. Originally it had a black frame, but with a coat of white paint, you can definitely see the similarity to pottery barn's version.

This organization piece was a $1 yard sale find. I currently use it to organize my thread, and it will make its way in with the office organization when the transformation takes place.

PB uses wicker to organize their wrapping paper in the picture above, but i prefer wire storage.

Which is why I snagged this cute little trash can for $1 as well.
(yes, i totally staged that piece of trash - i wanted you to get the idea)

So, that's the start to my pottery barn inspired office/craft room on a goodwill budget. More to come.

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