Thursday, August 4, 2011

french door finishing & reveal

This is long overdue. In my defense, I finished them two weeks ago, but am just getting around to posting about it. Not much better, I know. If you didn't read the beginning of the french door saga, start here.

So, when I was finally finished painting, we hung the doors. Sadly, they sat like this for longer than I want to admit.

But when I finally got around to peeling the protective covering off the window panes, I was so happy with how easily and cleanly they removed.

I was a tad worried that I would have to do some touch up work due to leakage. But I tell you what, that professional grade protective plastic is awesome. No leaks. 

The only issue I did run into was a little chipped paint due to the fact that I had to dig in the corners to find the end of the protective plastic.

But was I about to haul out all the paint supplies for such a small job? Nay. It was nothing a little white out couldn't take care of. My husband saw me doing this and was mortified. I, for one, thought I was quite resourceful. 

I mean, where else can you find a tiny brush perfect for window pane corners?

And here's how they look in all their finished goodness:

The door knobs were 2 for $4.99 at world market. They're actually drawer pulls, but we made them work as french door knobs. 
(The hello sign does not have a new home, it is sitting there temporarily as our mud room is under major construction - more to come on that.)

I love the view into the office now. 
And now I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Who's side are you on? Josh's or mine? Can white out be used for small touch ups or what?


  1. Definitely! Why not? LOL. Love your french doors!

  2. Yes White Out can DEF. be used Shelby.....I mean all it really is is white paint anyway right??? HAHA, just saw your blog for the first time today and LOVE it

    ~Kristy Genung

  3. Its about time. They look great.

  4. Thanks for being on my side, girls! :)

  5. They look awesome! And you know I am always on your side...

  6. thanks meg! I knew i could count on you! :)

  7. LOVE the idea of white out. I have been suffering through repainting our old windows and it seriously blows every time I take off tape and the paint comes with it. Then I paint over and get it all over the glass! White would would work perfectly!

  8. seventhandw, SO glad you agree with me. :) Hope it works well for you!


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