Friday, August 5, 2011

a tiered platter for 60 cents

Some days you just get lucky at the thrift store. Such was the day that I found these two yellow plates  stacked nicely together on the miscellaneous dishware rack. Miscellaneous dishware rack = 4/$1.00.  And it's not everyday you find cute dishes in perfect condition and in perfectly correlating sizes.
Days later, I found this glass candle holder at a yard sale for $.10. 
The perfect combination for making a tiered platter.

You may recall I've dabbled in making a tiered platter before, but alas, it did not survive our last move.
So, when I was thinking of things I needed for an upcoming event I'm hosting, these plates came to mind.

All you need in order to make this project work is epoxy glue, something heavy to weigh it down, and patience to leave it alone while it dries.

And then you get this! It's going to be perfect for my food display I'm dreaming up.

This is a great go-to project when you're planning and/or hosting an event. Food display in a snap!
I think this could be cute with mis-matched plates in different sizes, too!
Or as a single cake plate - here's the first one {of many} I ever made using an on-sale anthro plate 
and a candlestick holder:
So, what do you say? Are you gonna think twice about those discarded plates at the thrift store now?


  1. Excited to see it on display. :)

  2. so cool. never would have occurred to me!

  3. You'll have to make yourself one, Steph!

  4. Shelby, I heard about your blog from a friend of mine and I LOVE it! Definitely will be trying some of your DIY ideas!

  5. Kirby! I'm so glad you dropped in! And I'm glad you like what you see. :)

  6. Hey Shelby!

    This is such a good idea! Never thought about doing this before. Love the blog too. :) Oh also, the chandelier find in your previous post is so awesome! I just love when that happens. One mans trash is definitely my treasure, and I'm sure you can concur with that.

    See you Monday!

  7. Mel, I certainly can concur with that statement! Much like your fabulous button-tufted chair for $5, I love a great find! :)


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