Sunday, March 6, 2011

inspired by: knack studios

Josh and I have been loving the table and putting it to use as much as possible. We have even enjoyed eating dinner king and queen style at opposite ends. :) One thing we knew we'd need if we were going to continue to entertain using our new table, was a sideboard/buffet of sorts to hold beverages and extra food.

One thing I try to do when I have a new idea or am inspired by something is to shop within my own home and do my best to 'make it work' as Tim Gunn would say. 

This piece is something we picked up for 60 bones on craigslist when we moved into our first apartment in 2008 and needed a piece of furniture for our kitchen. It was the same color as our cabinets and fit perfectly in the empty space we were looking to fill.

Sadly, the kitchen in our new house isn't quite so spacious and there was no room for it. But, we couldn't bear to part with it because we love the functionality of it and how solidly built it is. So, for the past several months we had been using it as a sort of entry way piece for our mud room entrance, but it was never ideal because of the built-in wine rack. So, when the table was built and we saw the need for a buffet, moving this piece downstairs was ideal except for the fact that it completely clashed with the table. But that was nothing a little whit paint couldn't fix.

I love following knack studios and seeing the way she transforms furniture, so when it came time to give this newly painted piece some flair, I looked to knack for inspiration. A couple things that she does that I love are the way she distresses furniture and the way she uses wallpaper to add a unique look to drawers.

see what i mean? she's definitely got a knack for re-doing furniture. hey, what a clever name. :)
so, we took a little sandpaper to the corners and edges.

and I didn't have any wallpaper on hand, but keeping in line with shopping in my own house, I looked through my gift wrap collection and found this paper that was thicker than all the rest and that I thought could hold up to mod podge. it worked out perfectly and, bonus, i love the pattern!

the table is loving its new companion and so are we.

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