Monday, March 21, 2011

my weekend & treasure hunting

oh how i wish weekends could stay a little longer. this one in particular.

we had such a great time at the brian regan show. we were eight rows from the front and i was a little star struck. i just think he's hilarious and he did not disappoint.

i also spent much of my time trying not to trip over these two lazy turkeys in the kitchen.

Josh didn't have to work during the day on friday, so we decided to go hunting for treasures.

here are some of our recently found treasures:

Grand total: $14.00

If only life could be made up of weekends...


  1. Love your finds! I made David those jelly donut holes and he loved them. I don't like jelly donuts and I even had two. :) Thanks for the recipe....and for ruining our 'eating healthy' ;)

  2. Chrystal! I'm so glad you made the donuts and that your hubs loved them!


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