Tuesday, March 29, 2011

seeing green

Not too long ago, Josh and I picked up this beauty at a local thrift store. I love the shape, the size, the antique details, i love it all. I did not however, love the top, it was it horrible condition.

Josh confidently told me that he could refinish it. I was skeptical, I'll admit. But he stripped and sanded, and repaired and restained. The top now looks like it was always in ideal condition. And I can't believe he found a stain that matches perfectly.

I just saw this picture, and now I'm seeing green.

I wonder if he's gonna want to kill me?


  1. I like it both ways.....thinking about painting some furniture maybe blue, but a little afraid to paint furniture is colors! :)

  2. Leave the top stained wood- paint the base green.


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