Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a place to call home

Despite what my husband may think, I am not in the line of collecting junk. I try to be intentional about the things I purchase, and if I can't think of a place for it, I don't buy it (for the most part, some things just make their way into my basket somehow).  So I thought I'd show you the new homes of my recently found treasures.

This beauty now graces my fireplace hearth.

This antique tin complements my kitchen food scale quite nicely.

This wooden box is being filled with seeds and bud vases in preparation for spring planting.

My large mason has found its place amongst the turquoise collection for the guest bedroom.

This globe found its home on my desk next to an old-school stapler, and while I think knick-knacks serve a beautiful purpose....

...this globe is actually a functioning pencil sharpener. Something I needed!

This vintage tray also found a home in my office, corralling papers/bills to be filed. (The lady that sold me this tray told me she actually remembers buying it in California in the 70's - I like that I know a little of its history).

So, there you have it.

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