Monday, March 7, 2011

Reuse & Recycle

Lately, I've been thinking twice before I throw something away or donate it. Maybe Real Simples' "New Uses for Old Things" section has finally gotten to me (I am a Real Simple devotee). Could I use this for something else? Can I give this another life? What can I make this into?

Because of this, I have been able to repurpose some stuff that was otherwise dead to me. I'm afraid my husband is not completely on board with me - yeah, he's down with the whole reuse and recycle and being green, he gets it. But secretly, I think he fears that I will become a hoarder. That show has him scared. So when he sees me hesitating to throw out junk mail, horrific visions ensue. And while I don't ever see myself getting to the hoarder level, I am glad to have him to keep me in check.

Without further ado, reused and recycled projects:

Thinking of getting rid of that old Scrabble game? 
Give it new life as refrigerator magnets.

Your husband's holey and stained clothes going in the trash?

Cut them up and add them to your rag bucket. Free rags!

See crafting potential in your junk mail?

Security envelope patterns can be quite pretty.

Think twice about that bag of clothes headed to goodwill...
...could any of the fabric be used to, say, cover a pillow?

And I hope you remember this great use for an old book:

Or even this:

Do you have any ideas for something that could be reused or recycled? If so, please share!

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  1. i am ALL about reusing and I love these pics! I am trying so hard to learn to use my camera in the RIGHT way.. thanks for the inspiration.
    Im your newest follower!!!


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