Wednesday, July 20, 2011

making a statement: diy photo gallery ledges

We have a pretty big living room. With a pretty big wall. I used to have these three shelves hung to occupy space on this big wall.

But it just wasn't cutting it. They were getting swallowed up by the expanse that is the huge cream-colored wall. So I asked Josh if he would build us some of Ana White's photo gallery ledges.
They are fairly simple to make and cost less than $10. Our kind of project.
Be sure to click the link and follow her plans if you want to build some yourself!

See what I mean about the expanse of wall?

We decided two would be enough to make a statement.

Gotta love a hubby that does the touch up paint job!

And here you have it, folks. A statement wall.

I will continue to collect frames and find pictures/art to fill them with. You know I love a good reason to collect things.

Ah, I'm feeling much better about this wall now.

Psst - do you like that "Love is spoken here" print? It'll be for sale in my etsy shop - coming soon!


  1. I love the ledges! I'm trying to figure out where to put some now. My husband thanks you. ;)

  2. I love it!! He is so handy:)

  3. Ooooo...definitely love, love this. I Iike to change things around so much that something like this would be super handy at our house.

  4. Thanks guys! They are definitely an improvement from what we had!

  5. That looks so great!! The best part is you can grow your collection easy-peasy :D

  6. Shelley - that's what I was thinking! So easy to change things in and out!


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