Tuesday, April 26, 2011

diy window boxes

do you guys know how much window boxes cost?! like a legit window box? like this. it's a travesty. a travesty that spurred josh and i to diy our own window boxes. so if you are also up in arms about this issue, read on.

diy version:
1. Measure the length of your window.
2. You will need 3 pieces of wood for each window box's side and bottom so multiply your length by 3 to decide how much wood you will need for each.
3. Purchase 1" x 5 1/2" x 6' boards.
4. Cut boards to fit your desired length which pre-measuring can help you be economical to save money on the amount of wood you purchase.

5. Attaching the three wood pieces can be done by staples or with wood screws, we used wood screws
6. Measure the ends of your wood boxes and cut the width of each end to enclose your box - ours was 7 inches.
7. Drill holes in the bottom of the boards to allow water to drain when watering.

8. Now you will want to paint the boxes and apply polyutherane to prevent mildew given the outdoor elements.

9. Lastly attach your wood boxes to your house underneath the windows using screws. We used tapcon screws because of our brick front of where we wanted our boxes to be located.

We made one smaller window box for under our kitchen window...

...and one larger box for under our living room picture window.

Fill your boxes will the flowers of your choice.

Enjoy the beauty and added dimension to your house!

Our grand total for wood and supplies was about $20. Pretty good considering I couldn't find one window box that wasn't plastic for less than that!


  1. so how much did you spend? you left me hanging!!

  2.'re right, katie! I just updated it. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. They look great. If I didn't have those ENORMOUS Azaela bushes in front of my big window, I would definitely make these.

  4. Very cute! A great DIY! Thanks for visiting my lil 'ol blog! I'm your newest follower :)



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