Tuesday, April 19, 2011

easter decorating: a first

Josh and I are staying home for Easter. It's the first ever holiday where we aren't traveling to be with family or friends. It feels kinda weird. So, to get in the Easter spirit, I determined that I would make an Easter-themed bunting. While I was in this mode of determination, I stumbled upon this super-simple Easter egg garland from The Coterie Blog that would coordinate beautifully with what I already had in mind.

My idea for Easter bunting was typical bunting flags and bunny cutouts. I used double sided tape to keep my triangles together which would also allow me to move them around on my string of twine.

The Easter egg garland was made from paint swatches. Easily grabbed when you're already headed to the store for mulch. Thank you, Home Depot.

I love how the white lines make the eggs look striped.

I freehanded my egg shape (it's pretty hard to mess up an oval) and then I used my first cut out as a pattern for all the rest. I used my small hole punch and strung my eggs by color groups.

My finished product. I love how bright and Easter-y it is against all the white.

Makes having Easter at home feel a little bit better. 


  1. Sometimes I hate how darn creative you are. And by hate, I mean envy. Very nicely done.

  2. Adorable eggs! So fun! Saw you from afar at Goodwill yesterday! Hope you scored some good stuff!

  3. Thanks Amanda! I didn't see you at Goodwill - you should've come and said hi! And sadly, I left empty-handed. Did you find any goodies?!


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