Thursday, April 14, 2011

inspired by: fashion bloggers

I really admire fashion bloggers. Maybe it's because they have to be constantly motivated to dress well, maybe it's because they have to be willing to get their picture taken almost daily, maybe it's because they post pictures of themselves for the world to see. I'm pretty sure it's all of the above. One fashion blogger that I really admire is Kendi Everyday. She has a great sense of style and a photographer hubby who takes beautiful photos of her.
She has inspired me to mix bold colors and use belts.

I have admired her art of layering.

And I fully intend to try to re-create an outfit like this.

Another fashion blog I enjoy is Work Your Closet. Jamie styles her clothes beautifully and shares my love of j.crew.

She motivated me to rock the shorts and tights look during the chilly transitional weather.

Mad props to you, fashion bloggers.


  1. Cute outfits Shel, my only question...where is your right arm in the last pic???

  2. Thanks Ker! I took the last pic from above, hence my missing right arm. ha.

  3. I recommend She is a friend of mine from childhood. Her husband is a photographer as well so her pictures are always gorgeous.

  4. Thanks Becca! I'll be sure to check out her site!


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