Wednesday, April 13, 2011

recipe organizer

If you're like me, you get too many magazines. the upside to this is that I am constantly discovering new recipes. I love to try to make new things and this little recipe binder that I've made is an easy way to keep track of recipes I'd like to try and ones I've tried and liked.

What I do is rip out the recipes that look promising, punch holes in them, and file them under the categories of: breakfast, appetizers, mains, soups, desserts, and entertaining.

I also have a little rating system for the ones I've attempted:
One star = bad, rip this recipe out (so I really don't have any one star recipes)
Two stars = really time consuming and just okay, think twice before making again
Three stars = good, make this again
Four stars = really good, add to the regular rotation
Five stars = awesome, make this to impress people with your mad skills

This makes it easy when flipping through to remember which recipes worked and which did not.

Any fellow recipe binder owners out there? If you have any other tips or ideas, please share!


  1. Great idea! I love the rating system! One of my friends put her recipes in a binder, but doesn't really file them. BUT, she put hers in full-page plastic sheets. This way they're really easy to flip through (all the same size) and they hold up to lots of use.

  2. Rachel! That is such a great tip as several of my recipes are already looking worse for the wear. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. thats a great idea.. and its pretty!! :)

  4. I do the same thing! except not in a binder. mine are in a file folder. & I have a photo album that I use as my recipe holder for everything in rotation. half is dessert & half is meals. haha
    I also have a file folder for decor ideas. any ideas that I see in mags I like, I rip out & keep. Its neat to have them all in one place.


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