Wednesday, April 27, 2011

save your newspapers & target bags

Did you know that by using a newspaper and a target bag you can create stylish (and free!) gift wrapping?!

Here's the lowdown...
When I was little my grandparents used to always wrap our birthday presents in the comic section of the newspaper. So the idea of using the funnies for wrapping paper has always been a sweet sentiment to me. It's the perfect wrapping paper when all you have left is wedding wrapping paper and you're trying to wrap a birthday present or you need to wrap a gift for a guy and all you have is girlie paper. If you don't get the newspaper (unlike this sunday paper coupon junkie), ask a friend/neighbor or wait in starbucks long enough and someone is sure to leave one behind.

Once your gift is wrapped, you'll need a bow of some sort to punch it up a bit. Enter target bag.

I learned this trick a long time ago and have used it often when I wanted to make a quick bow for a gift.

First, cut the handles off your target bag. But save one, you'll use it later.

Next, cut along the seams of the bag so that you just have the flat front of the bag. Reserve the plain white back side of the bag - you may want to use it later.

For this next step, I drew a little diagram to follow. Essentially what you are doing is making one long strip out of the bag. It doesn't have to be perfect, just one, long piece.

Then you are going to take this long strip and wrap it around your fingers. (If you've ever made a yarn pom-pom, it's sort of the same idea.)

Next, pull out that handle that you set aside and use it to tie the center of your bag.

Now, cut through each end's opening.

Voila, your bow is formed! Feel free to trim it up and make it more symmetrical - I like to leave mine a little unruly-looking.

Repeat the same style of cutting used to make one long strip for the reserved white part of the bag. This will be used as your 'ribbon'. Use the excess part of the handle to attach the bow to the 'ribbon'.

And there you have it. So, be sure to save those newspapers and target bags and you'll never be caught 30 minutes before a party with nothing to wrap your gift with!


  1. My kids love to wrap presents in the Sunday funnies too! I love this tradition, but that is the most original use of a Target bag I have seen. So clever!

  2. Thanks! You'll definitely have to give it a try!

  3. I wonder what kind of adorable gift could be lurking under that precious target bow???

  4. Love your blog. I love this post. I am a Forum Leader on Weusecoupons. I posted this with link to your blog in the Target forum on WUC. Love your imagination. I will definitely add you to my google reader.

  5. My neighborhood friends always wrapped with the funnies,when I was growing up. Our mom's were into recycling before it was popular. I had to giggle when I saw you making the Target bow. Cute idea!

  6. Glad you guys like the target bow. :) Kat, it sounds like your mom was a trendsetter. :)


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