Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have several pieces in my wardrobe that have become kind of....well, tired. I look at them and I want to fall asleep. But since I've made this quasi-resolution to be more resourceful, instead of ditching them, I decided to create some flair.

No, not this kind of flair...
(name this movie for 15 cool points)

In this case, flair = fabric bows and flowers. And since I'm more of a trial and error kinda girl when it comes to my crafting, you can check out this tutorial on making bows and this one on making fabric flowers. I'm sure they will be much more helpful than my 'um..well, I tried to fold the fabric like this and it didn't work, so then I did it like this and that looked better...'  I am thankful for tutorial-type people.

This bow livens up this plain-jane cardi anyday!

It also helps gussy-up this yellow clutch.

Fabric flowers are a great way to add some spunk into your wardrobe (or hide a hole in my case)

The best part about adding flair is that you can take it away for those days when plain sounds perfectly beautiful in and of itself.


  1. Can't believe no one named the movie! It's only the anthem for all cubicle workers every where! It's Office Space and if you haven't seen it and you work in an office environment, you must go out right now and get a copy!

  2. Jade, the cool points belong to you!! Thanks for checkin out my blog and commenting!


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